Jordan Nally

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  • DDemocrat
  • GGreen
  • IIndependent
  • LLibertarian
  • RRepublican

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State Representative
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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Free enterprise and the right to private property are essential elements of a productive and strong economic system. S
2. A State of Emergency declaration extended beyond 30 days should depend on the consent of the people of Delaware through the General Assembly. S
3. Better enforcement of current laws to prevent crime versus more restrictive gun control is needed to protect public safety. S* I believe that the best way to prevent crime is to create economic opportunities and an economy with good paying jobs so people can support themselves and their family without resorting to crime.
4. Delaware laws and statutes should NOT threaten religious freedom, or the right of individuals, organizations, and businesses to exercise religious conviction and conscience. Lawmakers should oppose all attempts to compel people to compromise their beliefs or retreat from civil and political life as the price of following their faith. S* One of our countries founding principles is the freedom of religion. I believe that everyone should have the right to practice their faith without persecution from the government. My faith teaches me that I am to be loving and accepting of ALL people, regardless of their religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.
5. Delaware law should better define the point of viability of an unborn baby versus allowing the abortion doctor to define it, which is vague and arbitrary (Senate Bill 5, 2017). S
6. Human life begins at conception and deserves legal protection at every stage until natural death. S* If elected I will work to provide adoption education to expecting mothers that may be contemplating abortion. Additionally, I will fight to make adoption more accessible to qualified parents, by working to lower the astronomical cost of adoption.
7. Assisted Suicide, the act of deliberately assisting or cooperating in helping someone terminate his or her life, should NOT be legalized in Delaware as an end of life option. S* I value life and believe that hospice does great work to provide palliative care for patients with terminal illness and I would support increasing support for groups like hospice. Additionally, I do not support the death penalty and oppose the efforts to bring it back in Delaware.
8. Public schools should NOT implement expansive and comprehensive sex education curricula that includes LGBTQ+ sexual experiences, practices, and identities. O* I'm not sure what you mean when you say "LGBTQ+ sexual experiences", but I believe that students should be taught sexual education in school. I believe health and sexual education is important in schools so that students can learn to foster a healthy dialogue about their health.
9. The Delaware Constitution should be amended to protect the right of parents to the control, custody, and care of their children from government interference, which requires the government to prove that it has a strong, compelling reason to restrict that right, such as in cases of abuse and neglect. S