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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. The Delaware Constitution should be amended to protect the right of parents to the control, custody, and care of their children from government interference, which requires the government to prove that it has a strong, compelling reason to restrict that right, such as in cases of abuse and neglect. (HB 319, 2022) S* I sponsored the Parental Rights Bill, HB 319, that establishes that the right of a parent to the care, custody, and control of their child is a fundamental right that resides first in the parent.
2. Public schools should seek to strengthen the parent-child relationship, and should not be required to implement or integrate expansive and comprehensive sex education curriculum that includes LGBTQIA+ role play, sexual practices, and identities. (HB 199, 2021) S* I voted Yes in committee to the Parents' Right-to-Know Bill, HB 326
 which allows parents and guardians to access information online 24/7 including course syllabi, textbooks & available health services.
3. Delaware law should protect fairness and the integrity of women’s sports. (HB 199, 2021; SB 227, 2022) S* I agree that a student athlete should compete for athletic teams or in sports associated with their biological sex.
4. Individuals and faith-based entities should have the right of conscience to freely live out their sincerely held convictions regarding human sexuality and conception, without fear of government infringement or retaliation. (HB 199, 2021) S* Several Christian schools, including Delmarva Christian School, and local churches have reached out to me on this issue concerned with what they may be required to teach in the classroom or to their congregation under HB 199. I agree with them that these institutions should be protected from government intervention on their religious beliefs.
5. Abortion is the act of violently ending the life of another human being. Lawmakers should work to promote the value of and protect human life from conception to natural death, versus expanding abortion access through all 9 months of pregnancy. (SR 24, 2022; HB 40, 2022; SB 235, 2022; HB 140, 2022; HB 455, 2022; SB 343, 2022; HB 460, 2022). S* Co-Sponosred SB 235, The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. []
6. Assisted Suicide, the act of deliberately assisting or cooperating in helping someone terminate his or her life, should not be legalized in Delaware as an end-of-life option. (HB 140, 2022) S* I voted against HB 140 which would have allowed assisted suicide in Delaware.
7. A State of Emergency declaration extended beyond 30 days should depend on the consent of the people of Delaware through the General Assembly. (HB 49, 2021; HB 247, 2021). S* I actively campaigned alongside Rep. Collins for HB 49 to limit the Governor's State of Emergency declaration to 30 days before it must go to the General Assembly. I also created HB 203 which declared that FOIA could not be suspended for any reason during a State of Emergency.
8. The right of Delawareans to keep and bear arms, as protected by the US and DE Constitutions, should not be infringed. Better enforcement of current laws to prevent crime versus more restrictive gun control is needed to protect public safety. (HB 450, 2022; SB 8, 2021) S* I voted no on all of the gun grab bills this session as I have in the past. I have also received the NRA endorsement for this Primary Race. Personally I am a lifetime member of the NRA and DSSA.
9. To preserve the integrity of our elections, the legislature should strive to eliminate opportunities for fraud in the election process. (HB 15, 2022; HB 25, 2022; SB 320, 2022) S* I sponsored SCR 47 that proposed a Registered Voter List Improvement group to review current laws and practices associated with compiling and maintaining Delaware’s registered voter list. The main objective of the group was to suggest methods for improving the accuracy of the list. The task force was to deliver a report containing its findings and recommendations to every member of the General Assembly no later than March 15, 2022. If it has passed, we would have the results by now and could already had legislation in place to assist in eliminating opportunities for fraud in the election process. I sponsored HB 187, that requires photo ID for Delaware elections. I also voted against same-day registration, HB 25, and the unconstitutional mail-in voting bill, SB 320, this session that changes election laws in the middle of the election cycle by a simple majority vote.